IP Utility makes it possible for building owners to offer internet connectivity to their tenants with the potential for new revenue and added building security.

Who we are.

We are IP Utility. We work for commercial property owners and their tenants, creating a network that offers higher capacity connections within corporate infrastructures. While the network and customer service we offer serves building tenants, we work directly with building owners and managers so they can take full advantage of the enhanced property value that comes with our network.

  • Frank Hopperton: President and CEO, IP Utility – As the president of IP Utility, Frank brings decades of expertise to modern-day network designs. He has seen a complete evolution of internet communications, working as a key designer and builder of some of the first Data Centers in the 1980s and directing operations for SimpleNet, Broadcast.com, and Yahoo throughout his career. Frank recognizes internet functionality for corporate environments as a utility - as essential as power or water, hence the name, IP Utility.

What we do

We install and configure all the necessary hardware and then manage the networks with simple pricing structures that reflect the needs of different properties. Our affordable monthly fees are based on the size and layout of the property network and contract term. The number of activated tenants and billing rates for tenants are set by property owners or managers. We manage our networks with 24/7/365 monitoring, hardware replacement as needed, and customer support. We can protect your investment with security features like IP-CCTV real-time recorded security, automated building access and environmental control.

How we got here

The founders of IP Utility have been working in the industry since the mid-1990s, when only the most progressive companies were setting up websites and utilizing email. As network needs increased, we were working together at SimpleNet to build one of the first internet data centers in downtown San Diego. This center built into a 22-story high rise would later become part of the Yahoo Inc. Portfolio. From here, we evolved and branched out, continuing to design and build networks with services catering to a number of properties in the San Diego area. Eventually, the initial data center was decommissioned, leaving room for HB Networks to begin offering property based managed network services. HB Networks still maintains a custom designed network in a 6-story downtown facility that has been online since early 2010. Now HB Networks has been acquired by IP Utility, where we have ambitious plans to expand our services throughout Southern California, and later on to most major American cities.

Why choose us?

Quite simply, we make it easy for property owners to work with us. Our networks provide higher speed access with add-ons that tenants want from their service providers at a fraction of the cost they are currently paying. Where tenants may pay from $80-$250 monthly for their internet connection, they might expect to pay half this rate with service through our network. We keep the stress low with convenient customer service and network management that minimizes downtime.

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