Without compromising affordability, we can bring internet connectivity to your tenants that doesn’t require any extra work for you.

We do the math and set up the network so all you have to do is choose your contract terms.


We begin our setup with a service configuration assessment based on the needs of your property. With our hardware and existing building wiring, we will get your network established, making optional services available to your tenants if you choose to maximize your income stream through our network. The initial setup—hardware included—is all part of our basic service covered by your monthly fees.


To ensure a reliable, fast connection with minimal downtime, we monitor your network around the clock and make changes to meet the evolving needs of your building and tenants. We make sure that your tenants are able to stay connected and take advantage of a faster connection for optimal efficiency in any workplace.

Security services

IP-CCTV integrated security is one of our most popular add-on services, which may enhance the value of your building and provide your tenants with a little extra peace of mind. With IP-CCTV, tenants will have real-time recorded security that will further boost your revenue potential to let you continue improving your property. Automated building access can provide another level of security and convenience for your tenants.

Customer Support

When network questions arise, tenants will have access to our friendly and helpful customer service staff with no extra cost to you. Reliable customer care is just another part of building a network that works for you, so we make this part of our standard service.

Communication options

VOIP communication is easy to implement once you have our managed network in place, and it can let your tenants cut the costs of their phone bills as they communicate with colleagues and clients around the world without long distance expenses.

Active display advertising

By incorporating active flat screen displays that are connected to our network in your building, we can help your tenants advertise or allow you to create a seamless design for your building’s directory. The hardware comes at an extra cost, but advertising fees from your tenants may balance the initial cost. Active display screens can be set up anywhere on your property for optimal viewability and convenience.